Places EP

by Costume Party

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released December 15, 2015

Music & Visuals by Costume Party
Costume Party is Evan Clark, Riley Ubben & Terrence Quinn
Chicago, IL
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Costume Party Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: St. Andrews
it doesn't hurt to have another,
stay up late and bait each other,
compliment our funny feelings,
comprehend the spinning ceiling,
never saying what we're thinking,
driving home in daddy's lincoln,
friends are great when you don't know them,
cards are great until you fold them.

fuck the man the world was sold to,
kissing girls because they're told to,
switching girls because we're known to,
lie until our arms can hold you, so.

oh it seems like such a dream,
was that even me?
Track Name: Bumblefuck
he's pacing in the parking lot
he tries to think of words to talk
he's smoking just to past the time
waiting for the other line
to answer and help justify
the fact that he's unsatisfied
unaware they're not in the same boat.

his roommate calls this bumblefuck
that's why he don't go out that much
surrounded by a bunch of mutts
he knows that he'll be gone in months
he's different so he plays the part
he's quiet so they think he's smart
silence's always piercing when it's yours.

immune to immaturity
because he's in a hurry to be
back in the security
of fake familiarity
smoking cause he plays the part
a pompous poser in the dark
bumblefuck is anywhere that's home.
Track Name: Deadwood
lights are dim because it's night
lights a sin because I might
see someone I know.
feel the crush inside my lungs
the angry hour has begun
ashes on the snow.

could you lie so it won't hurt?
tears of joy I guess they weren't.
would you kiss me if you could?
guess I'll see you at deadwood.

josh always knows what to say
'make it double' then he pays
I say I got the next one.
the place is empty so it's great
the glass is empty then it breaks
I swear I got the next one.

I could lie so it won't hurt
I'll get high cause it's my turn
I'd remember if I could
vacant nights at deadwood.

were you ever even hurt?
seems to me I guess you weren't
would you call me if you could?
or did you leave me at deadwood?
Track Name: Bondi Beach
her balcony's my temple
reflecting on her freckles
I stare out at the present
my future as a peasant.

as bad as it was
the past is a pawn, it
laughs when I yawn.

the junkyard is a treasure
we smoke to spite the weather
I ask him to come with me
I'll see you after Sydney.

as sad as it was, the
past's never gone, it
laughs on the lawn, gets
bad when I drown in it.

quite an exotic breakfast
I gaze into her necklace
they hugged me as I'm leaving
they loved me for no reason.

as sad as I was, my
past was the cause, for
laughs on the lawn, Walken
until dawn.
Track Name: Porch
and the questions that are asked
inevitable interviews
the flicker of the match
a necessary interlude

I know it now
that nothing ever changes for me
no one ever changes but me.

the city's bright at night
hiding all the shadows
come closer to the light
the inevitable battle.

I know it now
that everything is changing for me
everyone is changing but me.

the question I must ask
embedded in these places
are the changes that I mask
reflecting in their faces?

I see them now
the change is in their faces, not me
the change is in the places, not me.